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Eco-Friendly Driving

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Cutting your fuel costs

You shop around for your insurance, so why not do the same to find out where to buy the cheapest fuel in your area?  There are free websites where you can register to find the cheapest fuel station in your area, such as 

If you're planning a longer trip, use to plan your route, get up-to-the-minute traffic information and also find the cheapest places to buy fuel on your journey!

Get cashback and promotions

Some credit cards run award schemes that give you money back each time you spend on the card.  Paying for fuel with this sort of cashback credit card can give valuable savings over the year.  Supermarkets are often cheap places for fuel and some may offer fuel promotions, such as, extra discount off your fuel if you shop there.  You probably spend more on fuel in a year than you think!  So, it's worth signing up for a loyalty card that the store is running, especially if you are going to use the same fuel station or brand on a regular basis.

Make your car more ECO efficient

Regular check your tyre pressures are correct, as lower pressure increases the drag on a car, meaning that you need more fuel.  This could improve fuel efficiency by up to 3%.  Don't carry unnecessary weight in your car.  The lighter your car is, the less effort it needs to accelerate, therefore de-clutter and clear out any unnecessary items from the boot.  Take off the roof rack, as even when it is not being used it adds huge wind resistance to your car, also making the engine work harder.  Even closing the windows, thereby reducing the wind drag will slightly increase your car's fuel efficiency.

Drive more ECO efficiently

Every time you accelerate you are increasing your fuel consumption and the harder you press the accelerator,  the more you fuel you use, plus more money you spend!  Therefore, speed up smoothly and keep your revs low for maximum fuel efficiency.  Better road awareness can enable you to plan ahead and move gradually without the need for harsh breaking and sudden acceleration.  Drive your vehicle in the highest gear possible without labouring the engine and let your vehicle slow down naturally and use it's stored momentum rather than consistently braking.


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