Snowdonia Driving School Caernarfon - Theory Test
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Theory Questions Practice 

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The DSA theory test is split into two modules.

First Module - 50 Multiple Choice Questions

From a bank of 1000 questions to test your road safety knowledge in 57 minutes.  You must get 43 out of the 50 to pass.

Second Module - 14 Video Clips

Since 14 November 2002 the theory test has included a hazard perception test which comprises a selection of film clips showing real road scenes and potential hazards. To test your hazard perception skills. You will use a mouse to indicate when you spot a potential hazard. The quicker you are, the higher your score. You will need pass both of these before you can take your practical test. If you fail either section, you will need to retake the whole test again.

You will also be sent a short instruction video and some other information about the new theory test.  It is strongly recommended that you watch the video and read the information before you sit your test.

Click on the link below to try the practice Theory Questions.

                                Practice Theory Questions             

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DSA Theory Guide 

The official DSA step-by-step guide to make sure you're ready to pass the car theory test. Find out what to expect from the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception part of the test.


Further Help

To accompany a learner driver, you need to be at least 21, have held a full driving licence for at least three years and clearly display 'L' plates on the back and front of your car.  The Driving Standards Agency recommend a grounding in driving skills with a fully qualified instructor before you start accompanying a learner.
The Driving Standards Agency says the average learner takes 45 hours of tuition with 22 hours of private practice (source) to be ready for the test.

So while private practice with a friend or relative is an excellent idea, it's important that any practice supports what the instructor is teaching in the driving lessons.

These tips will help make your learner's private practice more effective:

  • Use private practice to follow up things covered in the driving lessons.
  • Keep a record of your practice drives to show your learner's driving instructor.
  • Follow the instructor's approach as much as you can.
  • Arrange specific times for driving practice.
  • Be patient and keep calm.