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Since 1st September 2003 all candidates for the practical driving test will be required to answer two questions concerning the maintenance and safety of their vehicle. One demonstrative question - “Show me” and one explanatory question - “Tell me”

This website has been updated to show revised questions to be used from Tuesday 1st July 2008

Engine Coolant            Windscreen Wash              Oil Dipstick             Brake Fluid Reservoir


Show Me - Tell Me  Q & A

The full list of questions and answers for the car test are shown below.  Additional questions have been included to more accurately reflect the need for candidates to have the skills and knowledge to ensure they and their vehicles are safe to be on the road. The additional questions will cover the use of wipers, demisters, dipped or main beam headlights lights, fog lights, head restraints, ABS warning lights and the correct operation of relevant controls and switches.